09 April 2010

Life goes on

I am not blaming anyone. I know outside there still got a lot of people who are even worst and unlucky if compare with me. I have my responsible parents. Even my family is poor but they never stop from providing what I needs and grow me and my two brothers until now. I have to work hard for the thing that I wants.

I still remember when I was primary school, I dun have any pocket money. I only can eat bread or foods that I bring it from my home when break time. Seriously I tell u, I never buy anything from school canteen until standard six. I started to work when I was standard six. I work in a company which name Caerly Girl. It is a bra making company. The payment only Rm1.2 / hour. No choice what, I have to work for my own pocket money.

I still remember when my 2nd brothers get birthed, we dun even have money to buy milk powder for him. That time my parent have to borrow money around from my relatives.

I still remember when I was kindergarden, I keep being bully by my classmates because Im from poor family. I don’t even have a bag and pencil box for school that time.

I still remember the time my family own the very first house. That time I know that start from that day, I no need to keep moving house again, no need to stay at relatives house, no need to sleep at temple and I will have a stable life ahead…
My cousin just stay beside of my house. The situation of our family is totally different. Even his family is not really rich but is more much better than mine.

I still remember the first time I saw he playing videos games which is cost around Rm200 that time. That time Rm200 is really a big amount for my family. I keep begging my parent to get me one after that. I was still a child that time and I don't know how hard my father worked to get me the videos game. If now, I sure won't ask for that stupid videos game…

I still remember the first time my cousin’s family own his very first car. They get to travel around and each time when he back he will tell me where he had go and what so fun with the journey. Each time when I listening to him, I will think: when only my family can own a car?

I still remember when I was small last time, I keep argued with my mother but she never blame me after that… I still remember I throw the 'mihun'that she cook for breakfast in front of her just because I dun like it… I could't imagine how hurt was her that time..Sorry mum..

I still remember when I was 18..I started to turn bad. Somehow I started to skip all my form 6 classes and get addicted to online games. I even fight with my father and run away from home for 1 month. I get to know some 'new friends'. Lucky, I did't involve myelf into crime. I did't even smoke. I lost a lot of things that time. I broke with my 1 year half girl friend and I also being buang sekolah…

Until now, Im study at UTAR. Kampar and UTAR, a school and a place which had totally changed my life after downturn of form 6.

I learnt a lot of things at here. Never regret for study at UTAR. The only thing that I regret is that I cannot get any best friend at UTAR..Anyhow, there are still a lot of my cute and nice classmates around.

Anyhow, life goes on =)

Khai 2010


  1. u r indeed very tough. RM1.2/hr is so so low Lol. glad that u feel satisfied with wat u have now. Life goes on no matter how. Guts :)