05 May 2012

Face Death Without Fear

"Everyday I live even better, not having to worry about being alive or dead. I am not treating death lightly. On the contrary, I believe one can greet death with respect, dignity and grace. When one dies, the body starts to disintegrates no matter how beautiful it was. All materials belongings are left behind and it is such attachments that the consciousness or soul fear on the verge of becoming nothingness.  Even with one thousand years more to live, it wants more. Like me, I have live for an extended 31 months. I will not ask for more but just live my life to the fullest for every day it brings. The clinging to possessions and wanting to live longer creates misery. Yes, the consciousness or soul will bear witness to the physical death of the body. Death will come whether you are ready or not. Rather than fighting death which is a certainty, why not threat him like a friend who is now knocking at your door and your are happy to see him. Welcome him as a friend you have not seen for a long time. Death is the meeting of life."


"From : Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
An accountant by training but now in forced retirement due to stage 4 kidney cancer. Given less than 6 months to live in September 2009 and no cure by my doctors, I was determined to change my destiny. I like traveling to off beaten tracks because you experience and see life as part the journey, not at its destination. I like to watch the night sky for stars and its constellations and stare into deep space. We are not alone! I adopt a way of life which most people call Buddhism. I have not developed any level of spiritual attainment. I am a nobody, just someone wandering in samsara (cyclic existence)."

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